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​Wash & Dry Service near Essex, Rossville, Rosedale, Baltimore, Dover

Never do laundry again! Try our drop off laundry wash and fold. Our laundry attendants will wash and dry your laundry. It will be neatly folded and ready for pickup the next day. If you are in a hurry and need your wash dry combo laundry right away, we do have a same day service available. We have a 20 lb. minimum fluff and fold order.

Wash and Fold Laundry Service Cost:

Essex, MD

Hours: 7 days a week from 7AM-10:30PM

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**20 lb Minimum Order

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**20 lb Minimum Order, must be dropped of by 10AM

Wash and Fold Laundry Price per Piece:

  • Comforters $31.49
  • Blankets $29.00
  • Rugs $2.00 x (length x width)
  • Pillows $7.00
  • Pet Beds $10.00

When you use our full service laundry, we will sort all clothing into whites, lights, and darks, while verifying that all items are machine washable. Your clothing is washed and dried completely separate from all other orders. We offer a free & clear laundry detergent upon request for our wash and dry combo laundry.